Gulet Charter in Turkey

for the last 30 years Turkish gulets has evolved drastically, from simple fishing or cargo carriers to simple accomodations and finally luxury interiors with full amenities and 5 star hotel standards. Unlike Motoryachts, The turkish gulets (most but not all ) include four hours of motoring and Generators to power airconditioners etc. are included in the charter price thus Gulet charter is more convenient and affordable when compared with Motoryacht charter. Gulets mostly depart and return from weekly charters on Saturdays and we kindly ask you to consider your flights on saturday afternoon in order to meet back to back gulet charter in Turkey

Gulet Charter in Turkey

Cruising in the endless shores of the Aegean Sea will thrill your enthusiasm to discover more about the wonderful scenery in Turkish Riviera. You might be interested in chartering on board of a luxury gulet charter in Turkey in the company of your friends and your lovely ones.
In fact, Turkey has one of the best Riviera in the world that combines the coasts of the Aegean with the coasts of the Mediterranean so you can hit two birds with one stone on board of your gulet charter in Turkey by visiting the wonderful Riviera of these seas. You can ask your friends who have been to Turkey and you can be sure that this is your best vacation that you are going to spend in the Turkish Riviera. In fact, a lot of tourists who have been to Turkey have decided to stay in Turkey forever!!! Your gulet charter Turkey would give you a chance to consider!!

Gulet Charter

Actually, you might also consider staying in Turkey forever!!?? You can see that Turkey is the country that has fantastic scenery with the cheapest pricing. This is, also, a good reason for cruising in the Turkish Riviera on board of your luxury gulet charter in Turkey for your coming holiday.
You might be interested in calling us to know more about your gulet charter in Turkey that is still waiting summer lovers and cruisers to come. Please, let us know more about your preferences to help you locate your luxury gulet.

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